Thursday, October 10, 2013


We got to take care of the sweetest boy on D ward, 6 year old Vernel. Every child is special, of course, but some children have an extra special spirit that steals the hearts of many. This is how Vernel is. He is a life loving, playful, and joyous boy! He was born with a cleft lip. He is too young to understand that he looked different. He knew not of the way the world treats those who are different. The cruelty that exists for 'the other.' His parents loved him so, and wanted to give him the best life they could provide, so he was brought to Mercy Ships to repair his cleft. All our hearts were stolen from the first smile we saw! It was such a joy to be able to take care of him! Below are the pictures before his surgery, and after his stay with Mercy ships and his journey home. I am so thankful that the media team captures so many special moments. It really affirms the work we do on board. They provide us with an eye to see the whole picture. They did a great job capturing the joy of Vernel and the joy his family has for him. His uncle greeted him saying, "now you are such a handsome boy!" It is sort of funny to me, Vernel seems a little confused as to what all the fuss is about. I guess probably from his perspective, he never really saw a reflection of himself, he only saw the way people responded to his joyful spirit. So it is sort of funny to watch his facial expressions as he is greeted. Probably from his view, he was fine, then was put through pain and is now the same as before.  His family however, sees that now his life can continue to have his joyful spirit bless us all because he will no longer will be viewed as 'the other.'

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